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Josh Weinberg, having been born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, moved to Las Vegas in 1996. While pursuing a Bachelor of Art degree, followed by a Master of Education degree, he has continued to sketch and draw during the fifteen years he has lived in Sin City. With a classical art background and experience in photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and art history, he has been drawing for twenty-two years. He became a fan of the pin-up style of drawings and paintings made popular in the 1940s and 1950s. His own creative style in influenced by the work of Vargas, Olivia, Bill Bryan and numerous comic book artists.

Current prints and original works are on display and for sale on this web site and at the following locations: First Friday every month since November of 2010, Shabby Chic art fair in January 2011, Alternate Reality Comics, Avatar Comics and Maximum Comics in Las Vegas. You may contact Josh Weinberg to purchase limited edition prints, framed originals or commission one of a kind originals from Sin City Pin-Ups and Portraits.

Recent pin-up themes include:
Popular DC, Marvel and Image comics characters
Nightmare Before Christmas
Wizard of Oz
Pirates of the Caribbean
Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version)
Disney inspired pin ups
Drop Dead zombies
Fairy tales and nursery rhymes

New pin ups are drawn weekly and requests are welcomed


Profile Link: http://www.PinupArt.org/LasVegasArtist

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