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Dirk Richter is an international published modern pinup artist from Germany. He was published from small local magazines to national magazines like Vixen Magazine (US) or Jade (UK) to international artbooks like Aphrodisia or The worlds greatest erotic Art of today vol. I and II).
He has a talent of creating a full modern pinup drawing just from a headshot. So feel free to contact him if you want a drawing of your wife, girlfriend or anyone else you know.

20x 28 commissions original pencil works:
200$ - 800$ depending on motive

11x17 commissions original pencil works:
50$ - 200$ depending on motive

different sizes of commissions prints:

20$ - 150$ depending on quality and size of print

+ $20 for shipping and handling from Germany

Go to http://www.diri-finearts.de for more information about Dirk Richter, his artwork and the opportunity to buy original works and prints.


Profile Link: http://www.PinupArt.org/DiRifinearts

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