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Cris De Lara

Hi Pinup Fans:

This is my gallery where I want to show you my Pinup Art, with my unique style and my flavor.

I work in traditional way with different media: Pencil, Color Pencil, Charcoal, Ink, Pastel, Acrylics or Oil as well as in digital environment and I proudly can say that my images are really awesome.

Pinup Art is what I love to do and work with, and I am very well known in other social networks for my images, google my name and you will see a lot of content with my artwork (websites, magazines, books, interviews, featured art galleries, etc.)

I will be available for Pinup commissioning, if you wish, and in my website there is a dedicated page to Pinup Commissioning for personal use , with information, conditions and price that fit for most of inquires.

If you need something different, a custom project, just contact me for a quotation.

My website: http://www.crisdelara.com /strong>

Note: I am also moderator of It's Pinup Group Forum in
in which you will find other pinup fans, collectors, artists, admirers, etc. talking about pinup subject with a very impressive quality on it as well as sharing their knowledge and artwork.
The forum and threads are opened to all of you, so come and join us too.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Cheers, Cris De Lara.


Profile Link: http://www.PinupArt.org/CrisDeLara

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