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Adam Braun
I have been interested in art since I was young, not getting serious about my work until high school. There my love for comic books and having friends with artistic talent really steered me in the direction of art. I pursued employment in the comic industry for years, experimenting with airbrush painting and figure drawing along the way. My love for the female form began to show in my artwork as I started to move toward pinup art.

After years of working in comics as an inker, I found a new audience on eBay where I could show my skill for drawing women and experiment with different media. I established my website, ADAMBRAUNART.COM, to showcase my artwork and get wider exposure.

I continue to build on my love for pinup and comic art and I am currently working on new and exciting projects.

4/29/09 UPDATE-I am in the process of working on a new series of pieces...they will be drawings on Canson that I will be painting digitally. I will be posting the pics as I do them.


Profile Link: http://www.PinupArt.org/AdamBraun

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  • Inktwisty
    Inktwisty: i love how you pay so much attion to the details and shading beautiful
    2/26/2011 1:42 PM

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